Version 13

Home Control Assistant documentation is provided in PDF format. If you purchased a physical disk then the manuals are included on the CD. If you downloaded, they are included in the installation

The HCA User Guide is your major resource on how to use HCA and contains chapters on each major feature of HCA. You can download a single PDF file or each chapter in its own PDF file.

All in one PDF files - these are large files:

Getting Started?

V13 User Guide Chapters

  1. What is the Home Control Assistant?
  2. HCA Properties
  3. Your Home
  4. Devices
  5. Home Modes
  6. Rooms
  7. Schedules
  8. Visual Scheduler
  9. Groups
  10. Programs and the Visual Programmer
  11. Program Debugger
  12. Expressions
  13. Scripts
  14. Displays
  15. Insteon Visual Scene Editor
  16. Power Track
  17. HCA Keypads
  18. Network Devices
  19. Troubleshooter
  20. Restart
  21. Calendar
  22. Icon Themes
  23. Control User Interface
  24. Design Tools
  25. Status Export
  26. Design Import and Export
  27. Client Server
  28. Clients for Android, iOS, Windows
  29. Web Component
  30. Getting Help

User Guide Appendixes

  1. HCA Limited, Standard, and Plus features
  2. CM15 and CM11
  3. Thermostats
  4. Weather
  5. IR Interfaces
  6. Wireless Interfaces
  7. Object Model
  8. UPB
  9. Insteon
  10. Protocol Bridges
  11. ZWave
  12. Generic Interfaces

Recent Technical Notes

Technical Notes Insteon

Technical Notes in-depth on HCA Features

Technical Notes General