Technical Support

If you are experiencing a problem with the Home Control Assistant, please let us know by using the Contact Form or emailing us directly at TechSup "at"

In reporting a problem please include:

  • Your name: This is needed so we can verify your information in the HCA registration database.
  • The version of HCA you are using and if you are using Limited, Standard, or Plus
  • The Microsoft Windows version you are using
  • As much information about the issue as possible. The first thing we do is to try and recreate the issue, therefore we need a step by step procedure to follow. Please be as specific as possible when describing it.

Do not make any assumptions about what you may think is wrong or about what we will know. Describe in detail how to recreate the issue you are having, assuming you are talking to a new HCA user. Please go step by step in describing how to recreate problem.

Since we are going to reply to your inquiry, please make sure that we can send you email and get past the junk email filters for your email account. This can usually be done by adding the domain to your filter's white list. If you do not get an answer within 2 business days, please contact us again and include a telephone number as perhaps we replied but, for any number of reasons, the email didn't get to you.

We really do try and reply to your inquiry quickly but sometimes it takes a day or so. If it seems to be taking a long time please contact us again as sometimes our junk email filters get in the way.

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