Current Version

Looking for information about HCA 15? It is all available on the Home Control Assistant website. This can also be used for download of the previous supported version.

If you are using an older HCA version and would like to upgrade to HCA 14, all information is here in the Existing User Pricing section.

Supported Versions of HCA

Once a week we email a summary of recent support issues, announce new features, and brief discussions of how to better use HCA. These emails are small - rarely with pictures or email clogging attachments. If you are not getting these you can subscribe to receive them.

HCA Version Last Update Readme file
Current V14 Release 14.2.65 May 20, 2018 14.2.65 Readme file
Previous Supported Release 13.2.154 April 2, 2017 13.2.154 Readme file

The current release and previously released version of HCA are entitled to receive free downloads of any bug fix releases, called a "point" release. All point releases are cumulative, so a version number x.3 contains all of the changes made in releases x.2 and x.1.

If you are a registered user you can instantly upgrade to the most recent point release as outlined on the Upgrade page.

If you have forgotten your registration code, please Contact Us and we'll retrieve your code and provide you with the download.

If you have not completed the HCA Registration, you can do so now to get your updates.

Please note that 13.2.154 is the last point release for HCA 13 and no further development will be done on it. We do welcome you to Upgrade to HCA 14 at a reduced cost.

If you would like to be updated when a new release of HCA is made available, see how to get announcements.