HCA 13 Release


HCA 13 is now available as a follow-on product to HCA 12.

The changes in HCA 13 are so extensive that, without a doubt, this release contains the most version to version changes in any upgrade. Rather than try and list all the changes we created an extensive release note in the PDF file linked below.

Read complete - and long - V13 release notes in a PDF

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We try hard to make all changes backwards compatible so that you don't have to change anything from your previous design. But sometimes that is very difficult. Please look over this list and the V13 notes as they may require you to make some changes:

  • If you used the Date Book look at the section titled "Date Book Out, Calendar In"
  • If you use UPB devices, look over the section titled "UPB Import"
  • If you have thermostats look over the section titled "Thermostat Support". In particular review the sub-sections on schedule entry and visual programmer support.
  • If you have used the Alert system in previous versions, in particular the "Overdue Device" alert, you should look over the changes to the Alert system in the section titled "Alert system refresh"
  • If you use Insteon devices look over the section titled "Insteon Device Wizard and Properties"
  • Look over the section titled "New Icons" as you have to manually remove some old icons from the icon themes after install.
  • If you use HCA in client-server mode and you have HTML displays in your design and those displays use images or style sheets, look over the section titled "HTML Folder Sync"
  • If you use the Insteon Hub as your Insteon interface, be aware that we have moved support for it to Legacy status. It can be enabled in the HCA Options "Legacy" tab.