Purchase HCA

System Requirements

  • All versions of Windows post XP including Windows 10
  • Supported home automation hardware as covered in the Features section.
  • A minimum of 45MB disk space
  • A minimum of 1024 by 768 display
  • 300 MHz processor and 512 MB installed memory
  • Installed PDF file reader to access the documentation PDF files

New User Purchase: SmartHome

HCA Standard and HCA Plus is available for purchase from SmartHome along with automation hardware.

New User and upgrade purchase: HCA Direct via PayPal

HCA Standard and Plus can be purchased direct from HCA using PayPal, Also upgrades from existing versions can be purchased here. We sell only the HCA software. For purchases of automation hardware we recommend SmartHome

How does purchasing directly from Advanced Quonset Technology Inc. work and what do I receive?

Once you complete the purchase with PayPal we get notified you have made a purchase. We then send you download instructions for the HCA flavor you purchased and a registration key. Usually the download email arrives on the same day you purchased if made during business hours and the next morning if made at other times. At the slowest, you should receive email from us within 2 business days after you make the purchase with PayPal. If you have not received email from us within 2 business days, please contact Technical Support and be sure to include a phone number as occasionally our emails get killed by junk mail filters. When that happens we need a different way of contacting you.

The download instructions contain a link to where you can download the Current Version and instructions on how to download and install. We do not currently ship any of our products in hard media format.

If you are purchasing an upgrade please allow extra time for the download email to arrive as processing is not automated - we must manually check the registration database to confirm your previous purchase. In may be 24 hours until you receive the download instructions. If you have not received the download email within 48 hours please contact technical support.

Before purchasing with PayPal please check that the email address your PayPal account is linked to is correct and is your current email address. This is the way we contact you to complete your purchase and if the email address in your PayPal account isn't correct we will be unable to do that.

New User Pricing 14 Standard 14 Plus
Price $80.00 $160.00
PayPal Checkout

Existing User Pricing

If you are a user of a previous version of HCA, we hope you have enjoyed using our product since you purchased it! Anyone who is a registered user and is running a previous version of HCA on their computer can upgrade. If you have not completed the HCA Registration, you can do so now to qualify for the upgrade. You can upgrade from any previous version of HCA and you can upgrade from Standard to Plus. The cost for the upgrade depends upon which version and flavor of HCA you have now, and what flavor you want as outlined in the table below. Simply find the previously purchased HCA version and flavor in the top and choose the row that lines up with the desired flavor on the left.

Note: You can't purchase a subscription to the cloud service here. This must be done though your cloud account after you login.

Desired Flavor Previously Purchased HCA Version and Flavor
  14.x Standard 13.x Standard 13.x Plus Older Standard Older Plus
14 Standard



14 Plus






As outlined on the Upgrade and Support Policy page, if you purchased or upgraded to HCA 12 within sixty days prior to the release of HCA 13, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Please contact Technical Support with information on when and where you purchased your previous version of HCA.