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Here are the past messages


  • Mobile applications and outside access
  • Stopping programs that run periodically
  • The ins-and-outs of the + sign in Compute and Compute-Test elements
  • Updated technical note on programs
  • HCA registration needed?


  • Controlling devices from Alexa using the Alexa app
  • HCA installation install "rules"
  • Google-Home and HCA Groups - a workaround
  • Scheduling programs that have triggers
  • Insteon device replacement
  • Using the References tab of a device, program, or group
  • How to backup your HCA design


  • Apple HomeKit and Siri - request for testers
  • Solving device control problems without a magic wand
  • Tip: Ten cool things you probably didn't know HCA can do

  • Alexa changes comming!
  • Security questions
  • How to run a program only on some days with the calendar
  • Tip: Where does HCA store your design file?
  • Tip: How to get out of the control user interface


  • Remote access from a phone/tablet
  • Updated Technical Note for motion sensors
  • Saving and Restoring Flags


  • Best Tip of the year - saving your cloud account info
  • Run a program once an hour
  • How to report problems
  • Tip: Light / Dark
  • Tip: How slow Port enumeration can effect you
  • Tip: Update to Google Home tech note


  • Why the HCA Cloud?
  • Learn about schedules
  • Tip: Device state change triggers
  • Tip: How to make friends with the log, part 2


  • Learn about periodic status polling
  • Icons, Themes, and the Change-Icon element
  • Using the SmartHome 2413?
  • Tip: Freeing disk space
  • Tip: Alexa one-part names


  • V14 feature to create your own device types
  • Alexa question round-up
  • Tip: Working with IR Devices
  • Tip: The log, part 1


  • V14 feature improvements to Variables
  • Cloud Password and Remote Access Password. What is the difference?
  • Using a Dynamic DNS service
  • Three motion sensor tips


  • How to setup keypads for mobile applications
  • Network devices (aka phones and tablets)
  • Wonder who is connecting to your server?


  • Alexa key words
  • Working with weather data
  • Password are good, right? But not all the time
  • Tip: Server computers
  • Tip: Loads of documentation available


  • Insteon Tech notes
  • Alexa and Scenes
  • Speaking the same language, part 1
  • Checkbox control tech note


  • Working with flags in the Compute element
  • Back it up - Please!