Z-Wave is a proprietary wireless mesh networking technology originally developed by the Danish company Zensys, now part of Sigma Designs. Because Sigma Designs considers documentation about Z-Wave technology proprietary, and makes such documentation only available under license, it can be a bit challenging to figure out how it works and how to control Z-Wave devices.

Unlike HCA support for UPB, Insteon, X10 and Wireless devices, there is only the foundation built-in to HCA for Z-Wave. There is support for very simple one-way on-off-dim and on-off devices but that's all. All other device types you may want to add to your design - thermostats, two-way devices, door locks, etc - all have to have their protocol determined and then that protocol implemented in HCA programs you create. This is much different than other supported protocols. All this implemention uses the Visual Programmer ZWave element and generic triggers.

ZWave VP

Fortunately, there is a good deal of Z-Wave information on the Internet. A recommendation is to search for protocol and command information on your devices. On the HCA web site is a technical note that discusses using the HCA Z-Wave support for Z-Wave door locks. Look in the HCA 12 section on this page and you can view that technical note.

While there are several Z-Wave interfaces available, HCA supports only the Leviton Vizia RF+ serial to Z-Wave interface. This interface is model number VRC0P.