HCA supports all X10 gear available. While not as sophisticated as Insteon or UPB, X10 can still work in your automation solutions. Its advantages is that it is simple, low cost and widely available.

Supported X10 interfaces are:

  • CM15
  • CM11
  • Marrick X-10PLC
  • SmartHome PowerLinc (1132U)
  • SmartHome PowerLinc Controller (1132CU)

In addition to these interfaces, X10 can be transmitted and received by the Insteon enabled PowerLinc and PowerLinc Modem.

X10 devices are available from many different manufacturers: SmartHome, PCS SceneMaster, X10USA, X10-Pro, Leviton, WGL and many more. HCA has an extensive parts database of X10 device types.

Note: The CM15 is only supported on some OS versions. Please review this