HCA is a different program than most you use on your computer. It is running all the time, but you may not actually do anything with it for long periods. You install HCA, work for a few hours creating your design, turn it loose to run your home, then over the next few weeks tune the design. After that you may only change the design very rarely - maybe not for several weeks. Using a program like this it's easy to forget just how to do some things. HCA contains wizards that help with most tasks - they guide you through the process through a series of dialog boxes.

HCA Wizard

This is a page from the schedule entry wizard. In their title bar, all wizards show the number of steps needed to complete the task. The navigation buttons on the bottom move you either forward to the next step, or back to a previous step. If the wizard has reasonable defaults for the next steps, you can press the Finish button to complete the task without going through the remaining steps.

With wizards, you always know what to do next.