Web Interface

HCA includes the HCA Web component. Installed with HCA it requires no other software to operate.

Once the HCA Web Server starts, http references to a configurable port number return an html interface which allows you to interact with your HCA design.

By using a network and a browser, you can access your design to control devices, start and stop programs, look at the HCA log and many other actions. You have full control except you can't modify your design - add new devices, change programs, modify schedules, etc. But that's not normally what you want to do at a distance.

HCA Web Interface

If you access you home from a mobile browser, the Web Pages adapt to the smaller display.

HCA Web Interface on iPhone HCA Web Interface on iPhone HCA Web Interface on iPhone HCA Web Interface on iPhone

Some very important points about this implementation:

  • The HCA Web Server is part of HCA. It is installed when you install HCA. It is not an add-on. It is included with your HCA purchase.
  • Support is available on all Windows Operating system HCA installs on.

NOTE: The HCA Web Interface add-in requires the automation support built into HCA Plus flavor. The HCA Web Interface will not work with HCA Limited or Standard.