Visual Scheduler

One of the tools that you can use in developing your home plan is called the Visual Scheduler. The Visual Scheduler allows you to quickly create schedules for devices in your home using a drag and drop process.

HCA Visual Scheduler

When using the Visual Scheduler, a time bar for each of your devices is drawn in the display pane. Creating new entries in your home schedule is done by dragging ON or OFF time markers and dropping them at the time you want the device to go ON or OFF. To schedule for the same time each day of the year, use the time markers on the left side of the time bar. To schedule for a time relative to sunrise or sunset, use the time markers on the right side of the bar. Using the left side markers, you can, as an example, create an entry in your home schedule for 4:15pm. Using the right side markers, you can create, as an example, an entry for Sunrise minus 30 minutes. If you are working with devices that you control with IR signals, the Visual Scheduler has IR time markers rather than ON and OFF.

The Visual Scheduler is a quick way to create schedules for the lights and appliances in your home.