Visual Programmer

One of the difficulties of home automation has always been that once you moved beyond creating simple schedules for lights and appliances, you entered a world beyond the capabilities of most non-technical users. If you wanted to create a sequence of operations that happen with the touch of a button, and possibly control which operations happen based upon some condition, you were forced into being a computer programmer using some obscure and arcane scripting language.

The Home Control Assistant eliminates that hurdle. HCA contains the capabilities needed to create extremely sophisticated operations without a programming or scripting language. This is done using the Visual Programmer.

HCA Visual Programmer

Using the Visual Programmer, programs are drawn on the programming canvas using a drag and drop method. The Visual Programmer contains over 50 different elements that you can add to your programs.

Like the lights and appliances in your home, HCA programs can be scheduled to start at any time. HCA programs can also be started remotely from any device that sends a signal into HCA - wireless, X10, Insteon, or UPB.

While HCA will not make programmers out of non-programmers, we have eliminated one of the major difficulties in moving home automation beyond simple lights and appliance scheduling for the home automation user.