Bitwise BC4

Bitwise BC4 Bitwise BC4

The Bitwise BC4 is a network addressed unit that HCA can use to send IR signals.

While powerline control technologies - like UPB, Insteon and X10 - are great for controlling lighting and sensing physical actions like driveway sensors, window and door sensors, it just doesn't work well with many devices in your home that use IR. And it seems like everything these days has an IR remote!

That's where you need an IR interface to control those kind of device

One advantage of the Bitwise Controls BC4 is that it HCA communicates with it over a network connection. It doesn't connect directly to the computer. You can put it in any room that you need it as long as it has a network connection.

Just what can the BC4 control? A large library of IR devices! To work with the BC4 all you need do is to choose the kind of device you have - TV, Audio, DVD, etc., then choose the model and you are ready to go. HCA can co-exist with any programming of the BC4 you may have performed using the Bitwise software.

HCA supports up to 4 BC4s in simultaneous use. HCA has built-in facilities for using IR sequences in schedules and programs.

More information can be found on the Bitwise Controls website.